Terms of Booking and Cancellation – Kide Hotel by Iso-Syöte

These terms of booking and cancellations apply to the bookings of accommodation and extra services made through www.hotellikide.fi-website. These terms apply on bookings made by private persons, unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties.

The products sold at the online shop are sold by Kide Hotel by Iso-Syöte (Huoneistohotelli Kide oy), business ID: 2865141-1. The value added tax is included in all prices. We reserve the right to change the terms and prices.


The products are reserved through internet from the online shop of Kide Hotel by Iso-Syöte at the website: www.hotellikide.fi.
The reservations can only be made by person of legal age (18 years old).

All required information needs to be filled out when making the reservation. All reservations are confirmed by e-mail, that states the prices and purchased products. The confirmation e-mail requires that the e-mail address has been stated during the purchase process. The person making the booking adheres to the terms of booking and cancellations valid for the booking. In case, the person making the booking does not receive the confirmation e-mail, should contact the hotel as soon as possible: kidehotel@isosyote.com


The bookings made through online shop: www.hotellikide.fi can only be made by person of legal age (18 years old).

The person making the booking for accommodation and services for underage person is fully responsible of the appearance of the underage person at hotel premises, regardless is the person who has made the booking staying at the hotel with the underage person or not. Underage person who is staying at hotel without the guardian, must be able to show a written permission of stay, written by the guardian. An underage person staying at the hotel without guardian, must be able to show identification card during the stay when asked. The hotel requires the contact information of the guardian when an underage person is staying at the hotel without the guardian. The guardian is responsible to provide the contact information to the hotel in writing before the check in of the underage person.

The information needs to be provided to the e-mail address: kidehotel@isosyote.com


The hotel room is available for check in starting at 16:00 at the date of arrival and the check-out must be done at the date of departure by 10:00. The valid check in and check out times may vary. Person stay at the hotel must be able to provide valid identification card when asked. For security reasons the hotel rooms can only be accessed by person who has checked in to the hotel. The maximum capacity of the room’s headcount shall not be exceeded.


Pets are welcome to stay at the hotel. Pets are not allowed to be in the restaurant premises. The hotel charges a pet fee for pets staying at the hotel according to the valid price list. The information about pet staying at the hotel needs to be stated when making the booking. There is a limited number of pet rooms available for reservation. The person who has checked in with pet/s is personally responsible of the wellbeing of the pet and of the damages and expenses the pet might cause to the hotel or its other customers. The pet cannot cause any disturbance to the other customers of the hotel.


The customer must comply with well manners and rules and regulations of the hotel. In case, the customer does not comply with the rules, the customer can be removed from the hotel immediately. In case that the customer is removed from the hotel, the accommodation and services are not refunded and all the booked and ordered services must be paid in total.


The customer is fully responsible of any damages caused intentionally or of carelessness (for example: smoking in the room), by customer, by customer’s guest or by customer’s pet to the hotel room or other hotel facilities, hotel’s furniture or accessories or to other hotel customer or their possessions. The responsibility of damages is determined by general principles concerning indemnity.


The customer can store belongings to the safety box located inside the hotel room or at the locked storage rooms for luggage or sport equipment which are for hotel guests. The customer is responsible of own belongings. The hotel does not take any responsibility for stored belongings in the hotel room’s safety box. Hotel does not take any responsibility of vehicles parked at the hotel’s parkin lot or of misplacement or damages to any possession inside the vehicle.


The services are fully paid during the booking process. At the online shop the payment can be done through general Finnish authentication services or by Visa/MasterCard credit cards.


The accommodation is fully paid during the booking process at the online shop of Kide Hotel by Iso-Syöte at www.hotellikide.fi. In case of cancellation it needs to be notified through e-mail to kidehotel@isosyote.com.

The cancellation policies vary according the rates and season. The rate information has to be read carefully when making the booking. The possibility of cancellation depends of the terms applied at the time of booking.

The non-refundable rate: room and possible extra services are fully charged during the booking process, and the booking cannot be cancelled, changed or give right to reimbursements. These bookings are only available at the online shop of Kide Hotel by Iso-Syöte: www.hotellikide.fi.

Rates with cancellation rights: Free cancellation for

Single room reservation: 48 hours before check-in date
2-4 rooms minimum of 14 days before
5-30 rooms minimum of  30 days before
31-60 rooms -cancellation terms and conditions will be negotiated separately.

Depending of the season, it is possible that only one rate category (non-refundable rate or rate with cancellation rights) is available.

In case, the cancellation is due to customer’s or customer’s close relative’s serious illness or death and the cancellation is made before the date of arrival, but after the free cancellation period, the paid amount is refunded, excluding the handling fee of 46€. A medical certificate must be provided in two weeks of cancellation, in order to receive refund. Later than two weeks after the cancellation provided medical certificates does not give right to refund. The cancellation made during the accommodation or discontinuity of stay does not give a right to refund in any case.


We highly recommend our customers to have a proper travel insurance policy for possible exceptional situations or case of emergency. The hotel is not liable to accept cancellations without cancellation fees, even when based on medical situations.


The Kide Hotel by Iso-Syöte has the right to cancel the booking when cancellation is due to so called force majeure (the hotel cannot provide the purchased services due to a strike, fire, water damage, natural catastrophe, terrorism, war etc. when the hotel’s capability to function is made difficult). In force majeure-case, all the payments are fully refunded.


The Kide Hotel by Iso-Syöte reserves the rights to change the terms of booking and cancellation. The customer must read and understand the valid terms booking and cancellation before finalizing the booking. The Kide Hotel by Iso-Syöte consider all customer information fully confidential.


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