arctic magic

When the winter starts to arrive in October, the nature falls into a beautiful sleep and everything gets a magical cover of snow. Iso-Syöte is Finland’s Southermmost fell. Since it is the highest peak after the long flat land, the clouds from the Gulf of Botnia drop us the heaviest snowfall of the country. The thick white blanket shells the trees, the frozen lakes and the beautiful everglade. In January the days start slowly getting longer and the pretty and pale sun appears. The stars come out early and the northernlights start their dance on the Nordic sky.

From November to late April the best ways to spend the first chilly then towards spring beautifully warming days is to enjoy the superb slopes of Iso-Syöte. This resort is perfect for all skiers and boarders, especially families and beginners as well as freestyle enthusiasts.

In spring the nature slowly wakes up from its cold dream and lets the warming sun do it’s thing. The wilderness starts to flourish in late May and soon every shade of green is to be seen. In June the days get so long that the sun does not set. The magical midnight sun is something to experience. Imagine the taste of those berries ripened by the arctic, never-setting sun! Pick your favourites from the forests in July and August.

Join us in sustainable travel

24 %

LESS ENERGY with geothermal heating compared to electrical heating.

32 %

LESS WATER with new taps, showers and other kitchen and bathroom utensils.

75 %

LESS RUBBISH with refillable toiletries.


KIDE Hotel by Iso-Syöte is a sister company to Ski Resort Iso-Syöte. Both companies are privately owned and runned by the Terentjeff family. Iso-Syöte has been the winter destination to the family from the 90’s and in 2000 they bought the lift company. Since then Iso-Syöte has been developed in a family-oriented manner, by people who love the area and the activities it has to offer. Our new hotel has been built to best serve our modern and active guests.

We warmly welcome you as our guest! <3